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#creating Starting small https://notes.alongtheray.com/starting-small I’m terrible at starting something new. I’ll tinker around with everything but the actual creating. Like in painting — I’ll buy all kinds of Apr-28-2024 20:45:00 -0400
Apr 28, 2024 updated Apr 28, 2024

Starting small

I’m terrible at starting something new.

I’ll tinker around with everything but the actual creating.

Like in painting — I’ll buy all kinds of supplies, read books, etc. before putting brush to canvas.

New websites or blogs — I’ll hack and hack away, going so far to set up a newsletter and community forum, etc. etc. before writing a solitary word on the blog.

Same thing with writing and so forth.

Often by the time everything is in place and just perfect” my desire’s gone or burnt out.

Or I’ve moved to another shiny new thing. (My ADHD inner child slays me sometimes).

So now when I start something I try to go straight to the very act of creating — simple paintings in a scrapbook, putting pen to paper in a notebook, or in the case of a blog, simply writing and sharing posts.

Everything else eventually falls into place in the natural flow of things. By the time I’ve churned out a few pieces I’ll know whether it’ll stick or not before building around it.

BTW, I’m just getting started on this blog so I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for reading.

Baby steps,

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